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Retrieving products/contacts for contract using REST api

Question asked by MrWhammy MrWhammy on Oct 15, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2015 by MrWhammy MrWhammy
I am using the REST api to retrieve Contracts

GET /sugar7610/rest/v10/Contracts/dbf2c8bb-c209-2728-e01f-561f6af3a398?fields=[...]

For that contract, I am now trying to get the linked contacts and products
GET /sugar7610/rest/v10/Contracts/dbf2c8bb-c209-2728-e01f-561f6af3a398/link/contacts?fields=[...]
GET /sugar7610/rest/v10/Contracts/dbf2c8bb-c209-2728-e01f-561f6af3a398/link/products?fields=[...]

However, both return an empty array

The website however shows one linked contact and two linked products
GET /sugar7610/index.php?module=Contracts&offset=1&stamp=1444919976008176000&return_module=Contracts&action=DetailView&record=dbf2c8bb-c209-2728-e01f-561f6af3a398&bwcFrame=1

[...]Ms. Rene Valdes[...]

I have used this same method with success on other modules (e.g. retrieving the contacts for account), so I wonder what's different about this.