Darrel Hayner

AlineaSol WFM error - Multiple links found for relationship...

Discussion created by Darrel Hayner on Oct 14, 2015
CE 6.5.20 on Windows Server 2008 with IIS
When trying to make a workflow that sends email, I'm attempting to save the email task and the bottom pane loses all it's formatting, and the log (set to Warn level) shows:

Multiple links found for relationship asol_events_asol_activity within module asol_Activity

I wonder if this goes hand in hand with my other issue posted at AlineaSol WFM- Can't set email To CC BCC fields
  I still can't enter email addresses in, but saving it without them to see what happened produced this error.

I'm not sure where to look in the tables or elsewhere to understand what's going on here.  Any suggestions are appreciated!