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AlineaSol, problem in Create Reports function

Question asked by Lisa Sutherland Kirkman on Oct 13, 2015
I loaded Alineasol Reports CommonBase v1.4 on my Sugar CE 6.5, with the CE Reports module, IE patch and the Modules patch. It all seems to be loaded in. I end up with two obvious problems:
1. When I go to my Reports page, all the icon images for Execute, copy, Delete, etc are broken. They do click and do what they're supposed to. But what image directory should I have that pointing to?

2. I hope this isn't just operator error...When I try to Create Reports, even if I select one of the Modules, the Fields do not show so I can select them and create a report. If there is something I'm supposed to trigger before this step, I'm missing it. I can see the Fields in an existing report if I edit it, but I can't actually change these fields either. They're stuck. And mocking me.

Thanks for all your help.