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Retrieving enum values via REST

Question asked by MrWhammy MrWhammy on Oct 12, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2016 by Matt Marum
I having trouble retrieving enum values from a SugarCrm 7.6.1 instance.

When retrieving the metadata for the Products module, it returns a status field
GET /sugar/rest/v10/metadata?type_filter=modules&module_filter=Products

"status": {
           "name": "status",
           "vname": "LBL_STATUS",
           "type": "enum",
           "options": "product_status_dom",
           "default": "",
           "len": 100,
           "audited": true,
           "comment": "Product status (ex: Quoted, Ordered, Shipped)",
           "massupdate": true

If I look into the labels app_list_strings for product_status_dom, I get these options

GET /sugar/rest/v10/lang/en_us
  "product_status_dom": {
       "": "",
       "Quotes": "Quoted",
       "Orders": "Ordered",
       "Ship": "Shipped"

If I try with other languages, I get the same result (e.g. lang/de_de or lang/de)

However if I retrieve an instance of the product I get
which is none of those options.

What am I doing wrong?