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Rounding of Totals in the pdf Manager not giving correct results, smarty

Question asked by Usman Saeed on Oct 11, 2015
Hi All,

I am trying to round the totals in quotation e.g if total = USD104.95. it should be round to USD105 in the downloaded pdf file.
I am putting round function like this in pdf Manager.

1. I try to use this in bundle total or any other currency calculation, the results are not right. e.g
{$} it outputs "U" only (My original total is like USD104.95). I need to be be rounded and should be USD105.

Can anybody help how Can I round the currency fields in pdf Manager.
I dont want this for whole system but for pdf only. I tried smarty functions as well but not working.

Appreciate your input for any smarty/sugar function might get it working.

Thank you,