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How to avoid chain of workflows from triggering?

Question asked by on Oct 8, 2015
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My users are required to enter a call disposition after all outbound calls. One of these dispositions is simply "Busy" if they reach a busy signal. I have created a workflow where upon setting the dispositon as "Busy", a new call is scheduled for the same time and a reminder pops up so they can move on to another call and come back to this one.

The problem is I do not want them to get stuck in a loop of continuously scheduled calls if the line stays busy. So I created a check box called "Busy" in the parent contact and amended my workflow as follows:

Workflow.Busy first try:

If Call.Call Disposition = Busy and Contact.Busy = No
      Then create new call at time triggered with reminder 1 minute before. Set Contact.Busy

Workflow.Busy Second Try:

If Call.Call Disposition = Busy and Contact.Busy = Yes 
     Then Set Contact.NextAvilabledate = 2 days from trigger. Set Contact.Busy = No, Set                  Contact.NoAnswer = Yes

Both workflows are set to trigger when the Call is saved.

The problem I am having is it seems to be only doing the Workflow.Busy Second Try, even though I know Contact.Busy = No when I start my testing.

My guess is it is simply running both work flows in order when the Call is saved.

Is there anyway to prevent this?