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Make module editable in only certain context/roles

Question asked by Robert Caverly on Oct 7, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2016 by Robert Caverly
This is related to SugarPro 6.5

I have a role (Help Desk) that is only allowed read access to the Documents module in all cases.  However, in the specific case of the Cases module I need them to be able to add documents via the Documents sub-panel.

Is it possible to dynamically modify their role to allow Documents "edit" when viewing a Case record - and just a important - set the permission back to view only when they leave the context of viewing a Case.  I'm thinking this might be able to be done in the view.detail.php Cases if there is an API function to modify the role; but I need a foolproof mechanism to restore their default role permissions as soon as they leave the Case view. Maybe a global hook???