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Different options available for emails if created from non email module

Question asked by Yasmine Bendjafer on Oct 7, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2015 by Yasmine Bendjafer
Hi Guys,

Currently on SugarCRM Enterprise, Version 

There seems to be a difference in the options available when composing an email from the email module vs composing an email from a Case or an account.

1. Spell check is not available: I found a blog that highlighted the fact that if your browser spell check is on, spellcheck occurs automatically. which is GREAT.
How ever, on the email mail module, the browser spell check doesn't work anymore (pretty sure it used to work on v6 ) AND the user has to click on the spell check icon and on every single sentence written in order to have all spelling mistakes highlighted. SugarCRM will not highlight error on sentences unless a user clicks on a word within that particular sentence. is this how the system is designed?

2. Formatting options: Styles, Format and font familly  options seem to be missing from email composer that does not originate from the email module. is this intentional? or is it a set up issue?

in advance for your comment on both above questions