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How would you create a custom module for linkedin connections

Question asked by Dave Dave on Oct 5, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2015 by Dave Dave
Using CE 6.5.22.  I'm trying to create a "simple" custom module for linkedin 1st level connections between contacts.  For example I want to add the fact that I am personally connected to Adam and that Adam is personally connected to Bill so that I can ask adam for an intro to Bill and keep that information within the crm.

I started to create the module with four fields... 2 "relate" fields pointing back to contacts (adam and bill) and then two other fields that are unimportant.  But then I could not edit the relationships within the contact because the subpanel would not show up.  

Then I tried with a many to many relationship instead.  This time the subpanel shows up.  But I cannot change the relationship within the subpanel between Bill and Adam unless I maintein that additional relate fields as well.  Also the subpanel on Bill's contact page shows all of the connections not just the ones related to Bill.

Hopelessly confused.

Thanks for your help.