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ERROR: getListWhere: No such function defined in 7.6.1 Pro

Question asked by Francesca Shiekh on Oct 2, 2015
I have two identical environments DEV and TST.
In TST, and TST only, I get a console log error whenever I go to Users module Detail:
ERROR: getListWhere: No such function defined
And the subpanels are missing (User Holidays, and some custom ones) as well as the Roles panel in the Access Tab.

When I Rebuild Sugar Logic Functions I get a bunch of functions, including getListWhere, listed under a type mismatch header (see below). Is that part of the problem?

At times, after clearing cache and running all the rebuilds I can think of, the subpanels reappear. All is normal for a while, then I might add some totally unrelated custom code, Repair/Rebuild and suddenly they are gone again.

I am not sure about the relationship between the getListWhere error and the disappearing subpanels.

Any thoughts on how to debug/fix for good?
Note that I have copied files from DEV to TST exactly and just pointed TST to its own db so there is really no difference in the file structure. Permissions are the same throughout, I use:


sudo chown -R  apache:apache *


sudo find . -type d -exec chmod 775 {} \;


sudo find . -type f -exec chmod 664 {} \;

from sugar root down.


The results from the Rebuild Sugar Logic Functions:

    • (related) RelatedFieldExpression
      Ignoring GenericExpression.php
    • (currencyRate) CurrencyRateExpression
    • (valueAt) IndexValueExpression
    • (sugarField) SugarFieldExpression
    • (ifElse) ConditionExpression
    • (cond) ConditionExpression
      Ignoring DefineRelateExpression.php
      Ignoring RelateExpression.php
      type mismatch
    • (createList) DefineEnumExpression
    • (enum) DefineEnumExpression
    • (getListWhere) SugarListWhereExpression
      Ignoring EnumExpression.php
    • (forecastSalesStages) ForecastSalesStageExpression
      type mismatch
    • (getDropdownValueSet) SugarTranslatedDropDownExpression
    • (getTransDD) SugarTranslatedDropDownExpression
      type mismatch
    • (getDropdownKeySet) SugarDropDownExpression
    • (getDD) SugarDropDownExpression
      type mismatch
    • (contains) ContainsExpression
    • (charAt) CharacterAtExpression
    • (concat) ConcatenateExpression
    • (translateLabel) SugarTranslateExpression
    • (translate) SugarTranslateExpression
      Ignoring StringExpression.php
    • (toString) DefineStringExpression
    • (string) DefineStringExpression
    • (subStr) SubStrExpression
    • (getDropdownValue) SugarDropDownValueExpression
    • (getDDValue) SugarDropDownValueExpression
    • (strToLower) StrToLowerExpression
    • (formatName) FormatedNameExpression
      EMPTY OPERATION NAME StringLiteralExpression
    • (strToUpper) StrToUpperExpression
    Ignoring AbstractExpression.php
    • (timestamp) TimestampExpression
    • (monthofyear) MonthOfYearExpression
    • (date) DefineDateExpression
    • (now) NowExpression
    • (hoursUntil) HoursUntilExpression
    • (maxRelatedDate) MaxRelatedDateExpression
    • (addDays) AddDaysExpression
      Ignoring DateExpression.php
    • (today) TodayExpression
    • (daysUntil) DaysUntilExpression
    • (dayofweek) DayOfWeekExpression
      Ignoring TimeExpression.php
    • (time) DefineTimeExpression
    • (hourOfDay) HourOfDayExpression
    • (equal) EqualExpression
    • (isValidEmail) IsValidEmailExpression
    • (isNumeric) IsNumericExpression
      Ignoring BooleanExpression.php
    • (isAlpha) IsAlphaExpression
      Ignoring FalseExpression.php
      EMPTY OPERATION NAME TrueExpression
    • (isForecastClosedWon) IsForecastClosedWonExpression
    • (isValidDBName) IsValidDBNameExpression
    • (doBothExist) BinaryDependencyExpression
    • (isForecastClosedLost) IsForecastClosedLostExpression
    • (isValidPhone) IsValidPhoneExpression
    • (isValidTime) IsValidTimeExpression
    • (and) AndExpression
    • (isRequiredCollection) IsRequiredCollectionExpression
    • (isBefore) isBeforeExpression
    • (isInList) IsInEnumExpression
    • (isInEnum) IsInEnumExpression
    • (not) NotExpression
    • (or) OrExpression
    • (isWithinRange) IsInRangeExpression
    • (isAfter) isAfterExpression
    • (greaterThan) GreaterThanExpression
    • (isForecastClosed) IsForecastClosedExpression
    • (isAlphaNumeric) IsAlphaNumericExpression
    • (isValidDate) IsValidDateExpression
        type mismatch
      • (number) ValueOfExpression
      • (add) AddExpression
      • (currencyAdd) AddExpression
      • (currencyMultiply) CurrencyMultiplyExpression
      • (abs) AbsoluteValueExpression
      • (subtract) SubtractExpression
      • (currencySubtract) SubtractExpression
      • (sub) SubtractExpression
      • (negate) NegateExpression
      • (floor) FloorExpression
      • (stddev) StandardDeviationExpression
      • (log) LogExpression
        EMPTY OPERATION NAME ConstantExpression
      • (min) MinimumExpression
      • (average) AverageExpression
      • (avg) AverageExpression
      • (rollupSum) SumRelatedExpression
      • (rollupCurrencySum) SumRelatedExpression
        type mismatch
      • (strlen) StringLengthExpression
      • (rollupConditionalSum) SumConditionalRelatedExpression
      • (rollupMin) MinRelatedExpression
      • (ln) NaturalLogExpression
        Ignoring NumericExpression.php
      • (round) RoundExpression
      • (ceil) CeilingExpression
      • (ceiling) CeilingExpression
      • (currencySubtract) CurrencySubtractExpression
      • (median) MedianExpression
      • (count) CountRelatedExpression
      • (currencyAdd) CurrencyAddExpression
      • (rollupMax) MaxRelatedExpression
      • (multiply) MultiplyExpression
      • (currencyMultiply) MultiplyExpression
      • (mul) MultiplyExpression
      • (countConditional) CountConditionalRelatedExpression
      • (pow) PowerExpression
      • (currencyDivide) CurrencyDivideExpression
      • (indexOf) IndexOfExpression
      • (divide) DivideExpression
      • (currencyDivide) DivideExpression
      • (div) DivideExpression
      • (rollupCurrencySum) CurrencySumRelatedExpression
      • (rollupAve) AverageRelatedExpression
      • (rollupAvg) AverageRelatedExpression
      • (max) MaximumExpression
    added action ReadOnly 
    added action AssignTo 
    added action SetValue 
    added action SetRequired 
    added action SetOptions 
    added action Style 
    added action SetVisibility 
    added action SetPanelVisibility