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Refresh record view from Subpanel

Question asked by Federico Ricci on Oct 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2016 by Francesca Shiekh
Hi All, 
I set up Sugarpro 7.6.1 with some custom modules. In one of these modules I have related another custom module that represent single components of the parent module. When a related item is added, a fixed one is reduced in quantity via logic hook and when an item is subtracted, another logic hook augment the quantity of the same fixed item. The sum of all related quantities represent a total amount in the parent module. If I manage items via webservices, everything goes well because each time I recall record view in the parent module, data is correctly rendered from db. However I need to add and remove items even from the subpanel. For this functions, create link is useful but delete item is not here. So I have created a custom view subpanel-list for my module, recalling the rowaction "list:deleterow:fire". All it works fine but for some user needs it should be useful this function also refresh the record view of the parent. I've tried lots of solutions founded spread over the web but anything works. Has anyone an idea to do this?
Here is the code I used that give me no errors but with which parent record is not reloaded.

initialize: function(options){
      this._super('initialize', [options]);
      this.context.on('list:deleterow:fire',this.subpanelWarnDeleteCSTM, this);
subpanelWarnDeleteCSTM: function(){
      var parentModel=this.context.parent.get('model');
thank you all for any help.