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Creating an EntryPoint

Question asked by janunez on Oct 1, 2015
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Hi everyone,

I want to share two examples of doing an Entry Point in SugarCRM. Many times our customers have asked us to implement some data input and output features and this is our best practice we can done.

The first example (input data) is for create an Opportunity from a web form. Similar to WebToLead, but WebToOpportunity. Many times the prices of products and services are published at web site, so, once visitors fill the form they are really interested in purchase that product or service, so we consider this as an Opportunity. Also, the example valids for existing accounts and contacts to upload them or create them before creating the opportunity.

The second example (output data) allows you to create a simple dashlet using Google Charts and embed it in an Account record view. It is a simple way to view valuable information inside Account record.

The full code is available in:

I hope this example would be useful for you to understand the use of Entry Points and using this code as a template for your own purposes.

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