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Customer Engagement Donut

Question asked by Simon Leek on Oct 1, 2015
We are looking for someone to help develop a graphic/chart/donut that would sit in the Accounts Record View (either within the Intelligence pane or on the Record view, we dont mind as long as its upgrade safe).

The chart content would, of course, be specific to the Accounts record that is currently being viewed.  Ideally be a donut chart.  Each segment of the donut chart counts as one product we sell (for example, lets suppose our product range consists of 10 products so we would expect to see 10 segments).  Each segment is colour-coded.   The colour of a segment is determined by whether or not the product has 1) been purchased, 2) active pipeline discussion, 3) lost to the competition, 4) not applicable to the customer or 5) never discussed with the customer.

The result is an instant picture of what we sell to the Account and/or what to up/cross sell.  This saves wading through lists of quotes/invoices and quoted line items.  it ensures when customers call up we can address their needs quickly and home in on new opportunities.

I dont mind how the actual data is derived but likely to be either 1) 10 x account level custom dropdown fields containing 1-5 above or 2) Related opportunities with sales stage = 1-5 above.

The only downside to using opportunities is that an opportunity might have to exist in order to produce a segment and very likely this will not exist for opportunities at point 4) / 5) above.

Does anyone know if this is possible?  If it is developable then please get in touch with me.