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Exporting custom modules and customisations from dev to production

Question asked by on Sep 28, 2015
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I have custom modules I've made on a local instance and am struggling to port them over to another instance.

I have tried:

Going into module builder on the instance to move from, using the export button, and then going into module loader on the instance to move to, to import and then install.

This didn't work (I couldn't see any of the modules), so I proceeded to then:

Undo the above, but instead copy the files that relate to my modules in /modules and /custom/modules and also inserting in table 'relationships' all the lines that relate to these modules.

I again found that I couldn't see any of the modules after a repair and rebuild and deleting the cache folder.

I also struggled to find documentation on doing this for Sugar 7.6.

Any suggestions?