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Related Field Name not shown in list view

Question asked by Federico Ricci on Sep 23, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2015 by Federico Ricci
Hi all. 
I'm developing a SUGAR PRO Version (Build 1552) environment, using module builder. This solution has a lot of relationships between modules and in list view of each module I seldom need to show the name of a related item in other module. I setup all the list view layout field to show every information I need but the columns dedicated to related item anything is shown. Making some debug, I find that system related modules (i.e. assigned user) are displayed correctly, but custom modules are not: only href is build correctly and writing a fixed test in the relate template file, i'm able to click it and go to the correct related item. I have logged handlebar relate field template and VALUE is empty but HREF is populated correctly. Is this a bug or a lacking setting about custom modules? 
Thank you all for any help.