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setting up LDAP authentication for users in different organization units (OUs)

Question asked by Techman Techman on Sep 23, 2015
I'm trying to setup windows 2012 domain authentication for sugarcrm users following how-to article. It works for the user accounts in the OU specified in 'User DN' field. But the user accounts in other OUs, child OUs fails to authenticate since those are not in the OU  specified in 'User DN' field. So, please suggest if there are configurations to include the users in child OUs while authenticating.  

ie. I would like to include the users in OU1,OU2 and OU3 as my sugarcrm users with LDAP authentication. But, the 'User DN: OU=ou1,DC=mycompany,DC=com works for only the users in OU1. Tried 'User DN: DC=mycompany,DC=com, but fails.