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records.js edit  and bindDataChange

Question asked by micki micki on Sep 23, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2015 by Matt Marum
Beginner question (7.2.2). I have a custom module and I have extended my create-actions.js to add population of a field via a call to the sugar API. I can get the field to populate by running the API call and setting the model in bindDataChange. Everything works great. I want to be able to do similar when editing a record so I have tried to extend my record.js. No luck getting this to work though. I added a console.log statement in bindDataChange but it appears this doesn't get called when editing? I know my extending is working when viewing the record because I added a console.log to Initialize and I am seeing that write out. So my question is when going into edit a record does it no longer use record.js? if it does, why would my bindDataChange not work when it is the exact same code from create-actions.js? Like I said I cannot even get console.log to write out so it is telling me that bindDataChange isn't running... Thanks in advance!