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Ideas on how to implement: Build UI for uses to Query DB and return to lists of records

Question asked by Noah Hall on Sep 22, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2015 by meveridge
Use case: users want to insert an arbitrary amount of text, each line line of text possibly matching an account's name

the program should query the DB for each line, and return two formatted tables:
1. table 1 containing accounts whose name matches one lines from the users input
2. table 2 containing those lines of text that did not match an account record

From my limited knowledge of sugarcrm dev, i would say there are two routes i could take:
1. custom page with an input text area, 
2. somehow using reports module

I would prefer to use the reports module, but how would I set this up?

The custom page seems to be the quickest, and I would need to get up to speed on modifying the UI and querying the DB from the client side

any ideas/suggestions?