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Oddities after upgrade from 7.5 to 7.6

Question asked by Steve Cox on Sep 19, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2015 by Arthur Chocholacek

I've just upgraded a copy of live from pro to using the silent script.

All seemed to go OK - however, on restarting, it was halting on 'loading' and the js console reported that the two cache/javascript/base/components_xxxxxxx files were missing. I used the PHP script to rebuild the system but that didn't help. 

I fixed this by realising the two files referenced were from the 7.5 installation (the 7.6 ones were named something else). I still had a copy of the 7.5 installation, copied these over, and the system started up.

I then when to admin to rebuild the JS compressed, group and sidecar files and that sorted the two JS files out. However, a few oddities. 

The main one is lots of the icons are missing. Down arrows for searches, subpanels and menu buttons are not there. Neither is the 'user' icon for the profile dropdown etc.

Also, the 'loading...' notification now says 'undefined' and occasionally there is a 500 error for the background notifications.

Any thoughts on what may have happened?

I've done this upgrade a few times now and it keeps happening.