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Question asked by Joshua Baer on Sep 18, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2015 by Joshua Baer
Im trying to figure out the details to a calculation I am building in Field Builder. I have 3 drop downs I am using to score records with. Each of the 3 drop down has different questions and answers, but the values are numbers in the drop down editors.

I want to add the three drop downs for a total score. So I created a field called Total and add this to it:

Works great, but the problem is that if no one has selected the score for the drop dows, the total shows 0, which is  a bad score for my situation. So what I need is a formula that only adds if there is a value in the dropdown, otherwise do not do the calculation.
I want the total field to show blank if the drop down scoring has not been set yet.

I also tried this, but it seems the exact same thing happens.

Im not the greatest with these calculations. Anyone have ideas that may help?