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How do I add an iframe within a module and show below the tabs

Question asked by Stephanie Stephanie on Sep 17, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2015 by Stephanie Stephanie
I'm very new at any sort of development work...

Sugar 6.5.22 CE Edition.

So I have created a new module and it's visible.  It comes up with one tab in it which is what I want within that tab is a option to search within the new module that i've created.

BUT, what I want to actually do is have an iFrame to another website and no other data except all the normal Sugar banners and tabs for modules etc... at the top.

So i've go into my module and tried adding the iframe within the module and module_sugar.php files and what it does it load the iframe at the top of the page and then all the sugar modules etc... below it.

I have no idea how I actually do it so that the iframe is below all the banners etc.. and not above them? I guess i'm not putting my iframe in the right place, and need to put it somewhere else ? but i've no idea where... Any pointers on what php files I should actually be looking at editing would be appreciated.