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New Module as a page on another server ? iFrame?

Question asked by Stephanie Stephanie on Sep 17, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2015 by Stephanie Stephanie

Todays challenge.... :) Thanks in advance for any help / ideas.

So I want one of the Modules when I click on it to actually be a whole page on another internal website that is another application. It literally has not data in it from Sugar at all it's just a whole page that gives me access to another webserver.

I have created the new module, and just set it up with any one of the standard items in it, sales I think? But what i actually want is when you click on this module the page that opens up in front of you is I guess a full page iframe? with the other internal website within it?

Do I basically go to the .php file for that module at linux level, and just copy it to a backup name and then edit it to replace all the stuff within it with just an iframe command to open the other page?

Or am I going about this entirely the wrong way. It's like a dashlet, but I don't want it to be under the users home tab, I want it to be visible up at the top like the Sales / Marketing / Accounts / Etc...