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Automatically start threaded email from case generation

Question asked by dnolan dnolan on Sep 16, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2015 by Jeff Bickart

On my website Cases are created via the REST API and a link is created between a Contact and a Case, if that Contact exists, and then the Case is assigned to one of our support users.  We are using Sugar as a support platform.  A Case is basically a support 'ticket'.

I know that when a Case is created and assigned to one of my users, a notification email is sent to the user the Case was assigned to, telling them that a new Case has been assigned to them.

In order to respond to that case(email) the user then has to created a macro'ed thread manually in their email, for example the subject needs to be '[CASE:1234] - Email Subject'.  We want the thread to hold all emails associated with that Case.

What I want, is to start this email thread immediately after Case creation, meaning the thread gets started and sent to the appropriate user, without our support staff having to manually create the subject line with the case number etc...

Anyone have any guidance on how to accomplish something like this?  Thank you.