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Importing Accounts how do I assign them to an Assigned User

Question asked by Stephanie Stephanie on Sep 16, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2015 by Stephanie Stephanie
Using 6.5.22 CE running on opensuse 13.3

OK.  I might just be being thick or this might not be possible.

So I have a .csv File with our customers in it.  Including our acounts rep in a format for example "firstname surname" and I have created a new field called XXrep and it imports the accounts and allocates these as the rep.. But What I would really love to do is auto assign them to "Assigned User" But the assigned users are names in the format of 1stinitialSurname so The CSV File i import XXrep and that field matches their name and works a treat so a rep for example is John Smith.  So my customer field adds John Smith as our Rep for all of those accounts.  But the Assigned User field for him would be jsmith so how do I get Sugar to be able to add him as the assigned user. 

Do I have to somehow automate a script at linux level, that adds a new field in "Assigned User" and work out if the rep is  "John Smith" fill this field in with "jsmith" or is there some way once they are imported I can do this or some way in the import process I can tell it to translate this?

Or at this early stage should I consider creating new users with the same format name? So deleting all the staff on the server and re-creating them with new user names that match the Rep name, but I don't know if that's possible as they would have spaces in them? 

Any Ideas?

I cannot even see the Assigned User as a field in the Accounts Module I was hoping to be able to edit something behind that, so it automatically translated "John Smith" to "jsmith" and attached it to the user.