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How to Exporting Records from Reports?

Question asked by Noah Hall on Sep 14, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2015 by Noah Hall
We are trying to export records from a sugarcrm report that contains about 100k records

When I click the 'export' button sugarcrm freezes

We are on sugarcrm enterprise 7.6.1

This is what sugarcrm engineering had to say about it:
The reason you are unable to export this report is due to the sheer size of it. Around 5000~6000+ entries in a row and columns report, you may start hitting the PHP memory and/or max execution time, making the report un-exportable.

There is a workaround regarding this issue. You may use filters to break the report results into more manageable batches. Here's how-

1)Select the report you just created and click “Edit”.

2)Choose how you want to divide your results. Ideally, each batch should be less than 3,000 records to prevent a timeout, though the exact number depends on the server and network. Example filters could be Date Created “Is Between”starting date and ending date, Last Name “Starts With” specified letter of the alphabet, or Primary Address State “Equals” specified state, Etc.

You may make these "Run-Time" filters so you may update them as you go, so you do not need to edit the report many times.

3) Once you have selected your new filter(s) confirm the report name is the same, then click “Save & Run”.


Has anyone else experienced this?

Its concerning when I hear 'exporting 5000 records may hit php memory limits'

Seriously? 5k  records is too much for sugar?