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custom quicksearch query in SugarCRM 7.x

Question asked by Edouard Edouard on Sep 10, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2016 by Cesar Obed Gonzalez N.
Hi all !

I have two related field in one of my module, lets say A and B.

What I want to achieve is filter the possible records for field B if A is already selected (because there is a one to many relationship between module A and module B).

So far, I have been able to add a pre-filter to the popup search that appears if you click on the "Search more..." of the field B and it works correctly.

My problem is related to the quick search. If the user start to type in field B it will auto-search on the entire table, how and where can I modify this quick-search query to add A's value as a filter? 

I saw this tuto but it made me confused more than it helped.
(what files should be updated?)

Looking forward to your help