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6.5.22 is not retrieving inbound emails

Question asked by ShurikAg on Sep 10, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2015 by ShurikAg
Hi all, 

I just upgraded Sugar to 6.5.22 (from 6.5.20).
Seem to have everything configured similar to what it was in the previous version.
However, the inbound emails are not getting imported.
Here some details:
  1. I created group inbound email and based on the 'Test Settings' connection to SMTP is successful.
  2. Crontab is configured to run every minute.
  3. Job log says that the job 'Check Inbound Mailboxes' is executed every minute.
  4. Logs are not showing anything (when the cron runs) even if I crank the log level to debug.
And yet, no emails are getting retrieved to Sugar.
I am not sure where to look any more... tempted to revert to previous version.

Another couple of details:
  • even if I check emails manually ('Check Mail' button), nothing happens.
  • Running the cron manually from command line or through browser not helping either.
Any help much appreciated.