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Sugar CE edition 6.5 .22- Login failed

Question asked by Wim Rippen on Sep 9, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2015 by Emil Maran
Logon failed
I downloaded SugarCE (about 322 MB) version 6.5. 22 and installing is partly working,but when
I come to the login part (with the HostName/Bitlock/user/password screen) and try to login with my Admin/User/Passw then, it is always giving,"wrong
user/wrong passw etc etc. I tried many time with different option,but not working.
HOW to proceed ??? In the very past I use the older version and had no problem.
I reinstalled two times, but it remains with the same screen Hostname/Bitlo/User/etc etc) so it is not completely installed. and sofar not working.