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Dashlets Not Showing or Saving

Question asked by Stephanie Stephanie on Sep 8, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2015 by Stephanie Stephanie
Version 6.5.24 CE

Recent Install. I try to add a new dashlet as any user including admin and it doesn't add them or save them.

So I go add dashlet, change it to web add the url and try to save it but nothing happens.  I've tried adding modules / tools / charts, nothing will add, you get at the top of the screen a little red message flashing up saying "loading" and that's it nothing changes and nothing new is added at all.

In the sugarcrm.log there is nothing no changes at all

So i'm stuck as to what I change?

If it's a permissions thing as far as I can tell i've got everything how it should be, so a little stumped, any ideas are appreciated.  It's for all users.  I have imported a load of users from another database but it doesn't even work for the existing admin user.

Thanks in advance.