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SugarCRM 7 Rest API for my account

Question asked by Koncero Soft on Sep 7, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2015 by Steve Cox

I have worked with SugarCRM6 webservices for a client before and was able to get the API details from the url(Webservice URL)


for another SugarCRM6 client of mine, I had to use the url

could someone please help me understand why I have to use different url patterns when the documents just say https://{site url}

I am stuck with a similar issue for a new client using SugarCRM7
he has a different url all together
why is there a difference in the url? admin.{xyz} and not {xyz} or {xyz}

but for the same SugarCRM7 client,
as per the Rest API documentation when I try 

http://{site url}/rest/v10/  that is http://admin.{xyz}.com/rest/v10/
http://{site url}/rest/v10/help that is http://admin.{xyz}.com/rest/v10/help

I just get redirected to admin.{xyz}.com

 if I use 

I am able to consume the APIs

Please help me understand why am I not able to use the Rest Services but the Soap APIs using epicom URL work fine. I am trying to follow the documentation but I am not getting a perfect resolution for this.

I need to be sure that the webservices do not fail if there is some upgrade..
So please help me with this