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Filter in 2.7.0

Question asked by Norbert Groene on Sep 5, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2015 by jmcdowall

I like to discuss on the new filters functionality in mobile 2.7.0.

Most users at our customers have created filters in the desktop version and the ones using mobile were happy to hear, that these are available in mobile now as well, but looking at the solution I think, they will be quite unsatisfied. Let me explain.

Most filters they've created are not fixed like My Accounts or My Favorites, but they use them for selections from accounts by country or industry or something else. So they change the selection every now and then. I think this isn't something special for the use of filters.

Now for mobile I've got the information from Support team, that a change of the selection is not possible there. They answered, that this works as designed. If i need another selection, i have to change in in the desktop version, then it would be available in mobile (I even must smile writing this).

I've thought this must be a bug or problem with my environment which prevents this from working, so I've created that case. I never thought, that this could be a final solution. So is somebody aware when this functionality will be available or if it is already on the roadmap ? 

If it is not even on the roadmap, can somebody explain the sense of the existing solution to me ? I'm really unable to find it for myself and I don't know, how to explain it to our customers.

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