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Migrating to a new, empty 7.6 instance

Question asked by Craig Wilson on Sep 3, 2015
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I'm currently administering an on-site instance of 6.5.9 Enterprise. It uses logic hooks to sync with another system, and a lot of sloppy custom development (which predates me at this organization) is causing some errors. Previous attempts to patch or upgrade (even over the phone with Sugar support) have all given 500 server errors in mid-upgrade and led to an unusable instance, which makes me think there may be some non-upgrade-safe customization that happened once upon a time. 

This, combined with the fact that it's hosted on an aging Windows server that needs upgrading anyway, means the issues are starting to pile up. Basically, I'm thinking the best course of action is to build a clean, new instance in 7.6 and just migrate the old data over. That way I know the instance is setup correctly and will be more future-proof that way.

My question is, can I simply dump the existing 6.5.x database into a new, empty 7.6.x DB, then run a repair & rebuild to bring the custom fields/modules/vardefs in sync with the DB tables? Then I could just build the views again, and rebuild my logic hooks to sync (better this time) with the other system. Should I take the time to rebuild every custom module and field first, then copy the DB tables over and repair & rebuild? 

What's the best (most painless? error-proof? reliable? obvious?) way to go about taking a fairly customized on-site instance of Sugar 6.5.x and rebuilding it from scratch into 7.6.x?