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how to create specific views in case that the module is called from a related field? 7.5.x

Question asked by Gerardo Garcia Lima on Aug 27, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2015 by Gerardo Garcia Lima
Hi everybody!
I got into a problem in which i want to create Leads with diferent fields if called from the main sugar menu or if I create it from a custom module that i created. 

The view to create "Leads" from the main sugar menu is already created.

In my module i create a related field to Leads and when i choose this field i want to filter the leads on the listrecord and also when they click "Create" button i want to show a different view than the showed on the Main Sugar Menu.

How can i do this?

How can i know which view is shown on that specific case?

Also, almost forgot, i want this view for my module only, if someone create another custom module with a related field as mine it should show the common view, the one that shows in Main sugar Menu

Thank you very much.!!!