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Develop new theme for Sugar CE from scratch

Question asked by Glum Glum on Aug 27, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2015 by Glum Glum

I am trying to develop new theme with bootstrap, but I am not able to do it. I am using SugarCRM Edidition: Sugar CE Version 6.5.22 on Wamp.

I did this steps:

1. I have created new folder themes in custom and I copied there "Classic" theme (Sugar5 folder). I have renamed folder to Bootstrap. So I have a new folder ../custom/themes/bootstrap.

2. I have changed themedef.php file for following:

$themedef = array(    'name'  => "Bootstrap",
    'description' => "Boots theme from Sugar CE",
    'version' => array(
        'regex_matches' => array('6\.*.*'),
    'group_tabs' => true,

3. I have changed  in sugarCRM administration to Default theme "Bootstrap".

4. I have turned on developer mode in administration/system settings.

5. I have changed config.php 

   5a) 'default_theme' => 'Bootstrap', (was 'default_theme' => 'Classic', line 195)
   5b) I have added this line this line  'external_cache_disabled' => 'true', to $sugar_config = array (

      <?php// created: 2015-08-27 20:36:45
$sugar_config = array (
  'external_cache_disabled' => 'true',
  'admin_access_control' => false,
  'admin_export_only' => false,

6. I cleared cookies, deleted folders in cache/themes used repair tools.

But If I do any modifications in css files in custom/themes/bootstrap/css/style.css nothing change. CSS is loaded from cache/themes/sugar5/css and so on.

Are there any right steps to develop new theme with bootstrap? Thank you.