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Unit Price Value of $0 in Quote DetailView

Question asked by Arthur Chocholacek on Aug 26, 2015
On a hosted install of, We're seeing some strange behaviour (which was also present in prior to upgrading.)

We have two currencies defined, USD and CAD. They're both 1.0, so there should be no variance. It's largely a reporting thing.

If you have USD selected as the currency on the quote, everything behaves as expected.
If you have CAD selected as the currency on the quote, everything EXCEPT the "Unit Price" display works. However, the Unit Price displays as $0.00.

The math for the subtotals and taxes and discounts all act as if there's a value there, but the display is $0.00.

By going into the database, I learned that for whatever reason, this number is being pulled from the discount_usdollar column in the products table, because if I change this to a value, that value will then be displayed where expected.

It's like the discount_usdollar column is never updated when the product is added/edited in the quote, and I can't for the life of me figure out where I should be checking to find out why.

Guidance would be much appreciated!