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call scheduling

Question asked by DuaneMIS DuaneMIS on Aug 25, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2015 by DuaneMIS DuaneMIS
Sugar CE/Synology 6.x

We are trying to figure out how to use SugarCRM to contact batches of leads (Individual People) we find from trade shows, and then upon import/entry have a call setup as a To-Do vs, an appointment. We want to call all new contacts made on Saturday & Sunday by Friday of the following week or within 7 days of the show.

We have found by trying to schedule  a call for each LEAD simply junks up our calendar as we may take in 300 leads at a busy show and do not really know how long each conversation will be. Plus it would be incredibly time consuming to schedule each call as a 5 minute block, and then to reschule a 2nd or 3rd call if we do not make direct contact the first time, So a To-Do/Task seems to make more sense start calling on monday, complete by Friday - if no contact then we would change status from HOT to WARM, plus with each no contact the call would remain as an open To-Do item, if contact is made then the call could be turned into an actionable last with a set date and time.

Thank You for any advice you can offer!!