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no password sent for account creation  and no link sent with password change

Question asked by coryjsanders coryjsanders on Aug 23, 2015
Just installed Version 6.5.22 (Build 1055)

When I set up a new user, it emails them with the template I set up, but it does not include the password.  If they try to reset their password, it emails them when they put in their user and email, but it does not include a link or new password. 

Deselecting the

Enable System-Generated Passwords Feature allows me to set the PW. 

[edit] I found this string on a forum post: $contact_user_link_guid 
It sends the link for the password reset, but this string is not part of any of my dropdowns in the edit template.  

What is the string to include so that they get a system-generated password in the email?