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Javascript not loaded on Subpanel Group change

Question asked by Madhusudan Singh on Aug 20, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2015 by Madhusudan Singh
Hello I have created 9 subpanel group in which two are Cases and Other is Activities, when I load my Account detail view by default it is loading with Cases Group but when I switch from cases to Activities on the same page and try to compose email using email template It gives a popup asking 'Selecting this template will overwrite any data already entered within the email body. Do you wish to continue?' If I click on Yes it gives me error 'ReferenceError: SugarRPCClient is not defined' I tried to debug it and found some javascript files are not included which are 

but when I directly load Accounts detailview directly by Selected group as 'Activities'  then it works and all above files are also included

Please suggest me a solution.

Madhusudan Singh