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RecordView redirect to Relate Field value (if Exists)

Question asked by Emilio Taylor on Aug 17, 2015
A client has the following modules
- Leads
- Application Leads
- Renewal Leads

Via web services, data is submitted via the website, and passed into Sugar in 1 of 2 ways.

If the prospect submits data via the application, a Lead, and Application Lead are created, and related

If the prospect submits data via the renewal form, a Lead, and a Renewal Lead is created, and related

The client doesn't necessarily use the Leads module, but primarily uses it to archive emails from outlook

If, a Lead and Application Lead are created and related, then when a user selects the Lead hyperlink, have the RecordView acknowledge the Application Lead relationship to it, and redirect to the Application Lead record

The same scenario applies to Renewal Leads too.

Is this possible?