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Monthly BO pipeline emails to all users (generated automatically by the system)?

Question asked by Fredrik Hugosson on Aug 14, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2015 by David Sánchez
Hi everyone, this is my post on this site, be nice!

I have been the CRM manager at a company for a couple of years now and we are using Sugar 7. 
One thing that I ́m missing with Sugar is a way for me, as the administrator, to help the users keeping their BO pipeline up to date. We have very long sales cycles, several years, so a opportunity could stay open for a long time. In our system we have alot of opportunities where the expected close date have past and I have been looking for a way to support the users with this. 

I found this customization which is exactly what I ́m looking for, but it has not support for Sugar7 (and they don ́t return my emails when asking them about support for Sugar7).

Is there anyone who have any ideas or experience with similar customizations?