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Current User ID in SugarLogic

Question asked by Dr.To Dr.To on Aug 6, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 by Dr.To Dr.To
Hi Guys,
I have the following problem. I work with Sugar 7.6 and Sugar Logic. If I want to access there to the current_user_id it does not work with global current_user> id. The problem is that the files are cached and yes there then entered instead of the variable the ID of the user who cached it .. Now I have tried the following:

In the record.js I created in the render function a field which contains In this I can also access the Sugar Logic. The problem that I have is that as soon as he finished rendering of the page is the ID then disappears from the description field:

Here my code in the record.js:

render: function () {
         this.model.set ('ccuid',;
         this._super ("render");
         console.log (this.model);

Does anyone have an idea where I put the ccuid could so it works also outside the rendering?