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Module search using "search by name" resets itself occationally

Question asked by Steve Cox on Aug 5, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2015 by Steve Cox Pro


We're receiving reports that a number of users are having issues with account and contact module searches. They use the 'search by name' bar at the top of the listview to filter records (this is the main search field, NOT the subsequent fields made availalble when creating a filter).

They will search for something, eg. North, and the listview will be filtered appropriately. However, a couple of seconds later, the list will reset to unfiltered.

I haven't bean able to easily reproduce this - and when I have, I was performing another task so wasn't in a position to document the workflow to get there.

I've tried it with filter fields enabled and not. With these filtering etc. 

The only similar thing I can see is: If you add some filters (invoice address city = 'London' , etc) and subsequently add 'AB'  to the 'search by name' - it will filter with both as expected. On adding a new filter or changing 'invoice address city', the 'search by name' filter is ignored.

So it may be that there is some kind of event being fired - similar to that when a saved filter row is changed - which is ignoring the 'search by name' filter.

Has anyone else encountered this?