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Value from field "assigned to" has another value after upgrade

Question asked by ICR on Aug 5, 2015
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after  upgrading from Sugar 6.5.16 Professional (Build 1082) to Sugar Professional (Build 1552) in a test  environment we have established that the value in field "assigned to"  no longer comes from the modul "users" (field "User Name"  => this will be what the user logs in to Sugar with on the login page / For  example: robin.hood) but rather from the modul "employees" (field  "name" => this is composed of first name and given name / For  example: Robin Hood)        

The big  problem is now, that we have linked different connections and queries with  other systems over the field "assigned to". All these are no longer  working after the upgrade.


Sugar  6.5.16: field value "assigned to" = robin.hood

Sugar field value "assigned to" = Robin Hood   


How can we  fix that?


Thank you  for your help in advance.




Jürg Halter