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How I add field ITEM in a PDF template Adavance OpenSales 5.1.3 - SugarCRM CE 6.5.14 ?

Question asked by David Suta on Aug 4, 2015
My sugarCRM CE 6.5.14 has installed Advance OpenSales 5.1.3.

I made a quote template. I want to add to my template the Item Number. The problem is that I couldn ́t find the " Line Item Field " in order to add it to my template. 

Example I want my template something like this:

Item  Qty   Product
1         2       xxxx
2         5        yyyy

In the instruction manual I only have the following:

In my template you can add  everything, but i couldn't find the field


Any ideas of how to add it?. Thank you for your time!


David S.