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Full name search returning incorrect results

Question asked by Remya Vava on Aug 3, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2015 by Remya Vava
We have recently upgraded to 7.6 and this issue starts appearing after the upgrade.
In the contact list view I have a filter for 'Name' field. Since Contacts is inherited from Person type, it has got a 'full_name' field which is a concatenated field with first_name and last_name.

When searching for a fullname in Contacts in the list view, it now splits the word I entered and search it against the first_name and last_name and return results individually.

As an eg:

If I search 'Rose Gellar',
It's returning all contacts with first_name OR last_name starts with 'Rose' and first_name OR last_name starts with 'Gellar'

Earlier it would previously find the exact result. (Full Name starts with 'Rose Gellar'). Now I have to scroll through all the results to find the exact one.

I tried adding custom filters, but filter failed while adding concatenation to the fields.

Does anyone know what happened on the upgrade and is there any possible solution for this?