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Can't edit records after installing Kreporter

Question asked by C_M_S C_M_S on Jul 31, 2015

Got a SugarCRM CE 6.5.20 which was working ok. After i installed kReporter 3.0.6, i wasn't able to click the edit button in any module, so no editing of Accounts, Contacts, Target Lists, Meetings, Calls, Leads etc. anymore. I uninstalled kReporter 3.0.6 and did a quick repair, but that didn't fix that issue. Then i installed kReporter 3.1, but still no avail. I CAN create new entries, but not edit any of them.

I later moved the Installation to another machine, but no avail there, so it is not specific to that machine.

When i edit the config.php and put a // in front of kreporter => .... in the area about banned Ajax modules, i got the edit button to  work again, on the second machine, but kreporter was missing afterwards. When i changed the config.php on the original machine, nuffin happened at all.

This is strange and i assume it is a js based Problem. Any help truly appreciated; there are tons of SugarCRM CEs out which can work with kReporter, why not me?

Thanks for help.