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Process Author: Add Related Record -> Creating a Call -> Start Date?

Question asked by André Fagerberg on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2015 by 6764049
Within a process definition I want to 'Add a Related Record' for when a new Opportunity is created. The problem I'm having is when defining the 'Start Date' of the call; I want the Call to be scheduled 1 day from the creation of the Opportunity record.

When the settings in the image below are given, and a new Opportunity is created, the loading screen keeps loading without ever saving the new Opportunity record. However, when a fixed date is set everything works as it should, but having a fixed date for every new Opportunity which creates a Call is not viable because once the fixed date has passed, future Calls will all have that same fixed date. How can I change this so that each new Call has a Start Date 1 day from the creation of an Opportunity?