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Sugar CE Version 6.5.21 (Build 1155) LDAP Problem: Operations Error

Question asked by Boraxx Boraxx on Jul 29, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2015 by apex7073
SugarCRM Community Edition Version 6.5.21 (Build 1155)

I got my AD (Windows Server 2012) properly configured.
The user accounts in AD are active

The Firewall allows traffic for LDAP, LDAPS, DNS and ping between SugarCRM and my AD.
Firewall logfiles show proper traffic between AD and SugarCRM

Enable LDAP authentication is on.
The accounts exist in SugarCRM and are active.

The BIND settings I'm using are based on other server application solutions which connect to LDAP in a similar manner and which are working
Also the BIND details match with what ADSI edit is showing

The LDAP details I'm using are:
Server: ldap://<ipv4address>
Port: 389
User DN: OU=department,DC=companyname,DC=local
User filter: <blank>
Bind Attribute: CN
Login Attribute: CN

So when I'm authenticating user the CN username and AD password to SugarCRM it gives me a:
Operations Error

When I mess up my User DN to for example: CN=users,DC=companyname,DC=local
I get a: Object not found.
Which proves the AD is being search properly.

When I authenticate using the username and the SugarCRM password the login does succeed.
But using the password from the AD does not.

So what am I doing wrong here? Or could it be a bug in SugarCRM Community Edition Version 6.5.21?

Looking into the SugarCRM logfile, it doesnt even show a failed authentication for a user when the Operations Error occurs.

Anyone here has any ideas on how to resolve?