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Unable to add Line Items in Quotes via REST API V10 Professional Edition

Question asked by Matt Ramir on Jul 28, 2015
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Sugar Version - (Build 1014)
Sugar Edition - Sugar Pro (Using a trial)
Category - Updating Quotes and Quoted line items
REST API Version - 10

Steps to reproduce:

We are trying to update the quote module via the REST API. We have successfully updated all lines in the quote module, except for the line items. We tried by creating Quoted Line Items then linking them to the Quote.

We were able to manually update the Quoted line items after creating the record on the Quotes screen. If we manually created a Quoted line item and set the Quote, it does not appear under the Quote's line items.

Any thoughts about linking Quoted line items to Quotes through the REST API?


Tried this solution too and it didn't work.