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Versions 6.5.22 and 6.7.11 have been released!

Discussion created by Alex Nassi Employee on Jul 27, 2015
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We are pleased to announce that versions 6.5.22 and 6.7.11 are now available for all commercial editions.


These releases include an enhancement to Sugar to support OAuth 2 for Google connections, meaning Google accounts requiring 2-step Verification will now connect properly with Sugar.


On-Demand Customers
All customers hosted in the On-Demand environment will be automatically upgraded to the patch release related to their current version.


On-Site Customers
Please visit our Download Manager to download the latest patch for your release, 6.5.22, which includes this enhancement. Please note that you will need to be on version 6.5.21 in order to apply this patch. Our Installation and Upgrade Guide contains the appropriate guidance to apply this patch to your instance.


Release Notes
The release notes for 6.5.22 can be found at the following links:
Ultimate 6.5.22 Release Notes
Enterprise 6.5.22 Release Notes
Corporate 6.5.22 Release Notes
Professional 6.5.22 Release Notes
Community Edition 6.5.22 Release Notes

The release notes for 6.7.11 can be found at the following links:
Ultimate 6.7.11 Release Notes
Enterprise 6.7.11 Release Notes
Corporate 6.7.11 Release Notes
Professional 6.7.11 Release Notes


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Community Edition
SourceForge is currently experiencing an issue with package uploads. The Community Edition packages will be uploaded to SourceForge as soon as the issue is resolved.
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